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Contract Manufacturing

Pierrel's manufacturing plant is located in Capua, 20km north of Naples. Pierrel owns 40.000 sqm of land of which 11.000 sqm is covered area.

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Pierrel Pharma

Orabloc.jpgPierrel Pharma is the company of the Pierrel group which takes care of new drug products development, registration, marketing and commercialization of Pierrel branded dental anesthetics like OrablocTM, as well as the development and marketing for innovative medical devices and new drugs.

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Pierrel Pharma

Pierrel Pharma is the Pierrel group company which takes care of the registration and commercialization of dental anesthetics branded Pierrel, as well as the development and marketing for innovative medical devices and new drugs.

Built on decades of expertise on dental anesthesia, Pierrel is able to offer a well-established range of dental anesthetic marketed in Italy and around the world. The articaine Pierrel, sold in Italy, was introduced in the US market in 2011, as ORABLOC® trademark, also marketed in Canada, Russia, Germany, Poland, UK and very soon also in the France, and Austria. The Pierrel anesthetics are widely approved and marketed in other Eastern European countries, in the MO, North Africa and in the Middle East.

The local anesthesia has always been the "core business" for Pierrel Group until the '60s, and the close scientific collaboration with multinationals such as Astra, has the Italian company leader in local and dental anesthesia. Pierrel manufactures dental anesthetics for Europe, USA, Canada, Australia and the Middle East not only under its own brand names but also on behalf of major International Companies. Today the manufacturing site has a modern aseptic production line, approved by AIFA and FDA, and regularly inspected by these two agencies.

In regard to the medical devices developed by Pierrel for the oral care business, we’d like to highlight: GOCCLES® (Glasses Oral Cancer - Curing Light Exposed - Screening), optical filter for proceeding to a simple and non-invasive screening of the oral cavity for the detection of oral cancer and other precancerous lesions; Disposable Injector Pierrel, preloaded injector with dental anesthetic Pierrel, ready for use, equipped with safety system to protect from needle stick injuries, potentially infected by health risky patients. In development, two new products are reported: SMILE, a revolutionary kit for the early detection of caries; UBIGEL, a special gel that promotes the regrowth of the oral mucosa in patients suffering from gingival recess as in the periodontitis cases.