Pierrel develops and markets dental anesthesia drugs in ampoules produced in asepsis and medical devices complementary to dental injection.

Anaesthetics based on articaine

Suitable for local anaesthesia of infiltrative or conductive type in simple and complex dental procedures. Pierrel anesthetics with articaine are characterized by the rapid activation of anesthesia (within 1-9 minutes) and shelf life (24 months of shelf life at room temperature).

Anaesthetics based on mepivacaine

Medications for local and regional truncated anesthesia for stomatological and dental use. The anesthesia caused by mepivacaine is rapid (2-3 minutes) and prolonged over time (130-160 minutes), allowing longer and more delicate interventions. Mepivacaine has not vasodilatory properties and this allows its use even without vasoconstrictor in cases where this is contraindicated.

Anaesthetics based on lidocaine

Drugs for local anesthesia in dentistry, in complicated operations and extractions and in periodontal surgery. The product is particularly suitable in cases of intense ischemia.

Orabloc® Needlestick Safety System

A medical that reduces exposure to contaminated multi-use anesthetic needles in dentistry prior to the point of needle disposal with the one-handed recapping technique. Orabloc Needlestick Safety System is designed to meet the requirements of OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens standards and of Council Directive 2010/32/UE

Orabloc dental Needles

Italian technology and quality for a new injection experience.


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